Q:   Will my health insurance and Medicare or Medicaid pay toward my assisted living residency?

A:   In Alabama there is no reimbursement from Medicaid of Medicare. Individuals with long term care insurance policies written for assisted living may qualify for 100% reimbursement.

Q:   Will the Veterans Administration help pay for Assisted Living?

A:   YES, it may. If you are a veteran of widow of a veteran who served during a war time period, $1,788 for a single vet or $1,149 for a surviving spouse.

Q:   Is there a fee for assisting with my medications?

A:   We do not charge for this service, although many assisted living facilities do, if meds are not taken over 3 times/day, If it is more than 3 times/day there is a miminal fee.

Q:   Do you provide transportation for doctor's appointments?

A:   Twin Magnolias may provide transportation at the IRS mileage rate and a charge of $12.00 per hour.

Q:   Do you have a beauty shop on premises?

A:   YES, and we have a licensed beautician  who comes in weekly.

Q:   Are your rooms furnished?

A:   Yes, all rooms are furnished and included in the price -- although you may personalize your own room if you want to bring something from home.

Q:   Is there a added fee for laundry or room cleaning?

A:   Weekly laundry and room cleaning are both included in the monthly fee.

Q:   Is smoking allowed?

A:  Twin Magnolias is a smoke free facility, but smoking is allowed outside in designated areas.

Q:   Is there a charge for cable TV?

A:  No. Cable TV is included in the monthly charge -- and we also have Wi FI internet!